Ten Really Cool Supreme Items

 Supreme x Molodkin Sample Box                       Logo Tee

In 2003, Supreme and Molodkin, a well-known Russian artist,  released a range of box-logo tees in various colors. The rarest tee featured a blue on red design, with an image of Donald Trump on the back.

Very few was released, so if you find one, it’ll cost you. I know of one selling for $1,500.

       Supreme x Pearl Drum Kit

Featuring Pearl’s Masterworks craftsmanship, this drum set has been branded with Supreme’s iconic red and white logo on the bass drum, floor, mid and high toms. The set also came with various cymbals, a hi-hat and snare drum. There was only 50 to 60 sets produced, making it a  limited release.

This Supreme drum kit dropped on June 6 for $3,998 USD. I just seen one for sale on Ebay for $29,999USD. CRAZY!

     Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike

  This red-clad bike came in the form of the CT200U, which specs are like a 196cc one-cylinder four-stroke OHV engine. It was built with a sturdy metal frame, 42-inch wheelbase, and a top out speed of 24 mph.

The Supreme bike dropped on june 22nd, 2019 for $1000, but Ebay had pre-orders up to $2000. I just seen one on Ebay for $499, so if you was one of the people to pay 2g’s, well that sucks for you. 

         Supreme Skate Tool/ Pipe

In 2006 Supreme came out with a pocket-sized skate tool. This handy tool wasn’t only for adjusting your kingpin and bolts, but it doubles as a pipe for smoking, probably for tobacco.

This tool came in  stainless steel or a gold finish, and was packaged in a nice co-branded box. It’s selling for $150 to $200.

      OG Supreme x Nike Dunks

Now I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of these shoes myself, but some people dub these shoes as classics. If you want to cop a pair o OG Supremes, then that could cost you around $2000, unless you know somebody, and if you do please tell me!

I guess the color scheme was inspired by another classic sneaker, the Jordan 3. 

   Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine

The Supreme Pinball Machine dropped on May 24, 2018 starting around $11,000. The machine is red and white with Supreme branding on the side panels, speaker, and throughout the game layout. I’ve seen the resell price go as high as $60,000.


The red Supreme box logo hoodie featuring the LV monogram print all over came together perfectly, for a cool & unique style.

You might disagree but this is my favorite hoody from Supreme.

    Supreme X Fender Stratocaster Guitar

One of Supreme’s most anticipated collaborations  released on December 14th, 2017, the Supreme Fender Stratocaster Guitar. The guitar has  tonal white look with the iconic red Supreme box logo between the upper pickups. This Fender comes with Supreme branded custom straps and a maple wood neck with Fender Stratocaster written on it .

Other details include having a three pickup, 5-way selector switch and a tremolo bridge. Retail was $1,998 and has been resold for $10,000, with other sellers asking for more.

     Supreme “Fuck ‘Em” Rug 

The “don’t give a fuck” attitude is hoe Supreme got to where they are now, by pushing the boudaries and doing what they want. . It might not be this way any longer, but a rug that says “Fuck ‘Em” in giant letters fits the brand’s history perfectly.

For example preventing shoppers from touching items they weren’t going to buy, holding gear in the back for family and friends that was sold out, or staff refusing sales to people like didn’t like at first sight. Kinda messed up, but funny as hell!

          Supreme Calanders

From 2001 to 2005, Supreme released a yearly calendar shot by different high-profile photographers. The theme was beautiful naked women. Now this was offensive to some, but they still sold, so somebody liked it.

But this takes me back to what I said in the FU rug description, that Supreme is not afraid to do what they want.