6 Sneaker influencers That Aren't Lame

                Harrison Nevel

 Known for his clothes and sneaker-related video clips. His advice on fashion, DIYS, hauls and mystery boxes have gained him hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. He can post a video and have hundred thousand views within a day.

He started with the name SupHarrison in March of 2013, unveiling the mystery boxes for the first time. In the begenning he was buying mystery boxes for $1,000, now you can see him open boxes that cost $20,000 or more. 

Nevel currently has 764,000 subscribers with many of his videos that range from 100,000 views to over a million. He vlogged from SneakerCons in NEW YORK and Atlanta, posting the video clips on his part Harrison Vlogs route. 

             Richie Le

Vietnamese-American YouTuber with a self-titled channel called Richie Le TV , but you might know him from the Fung Bros channel.

On his own channel,  he has earned more than 1 million subscribers, he presents a social commentary on culture and fashion within the urban/hip hop scene. On Celebs Trends Now, Richie is ranked in the list of most popular celebrities. That’s probably not a very reliable list, but it’s something. You can check Richie out on his new show Hypetalk.


YouTube fashion enthusiast and co-founder of  apparel line Sample Industries. ToNYD2WiLD’s channel currently has 596,000 subscribers, most of his popularity primarily came from his sneaker reviews and unboxings. 

Tony collaberated with Saucony and made the”Grid SD Originatoers TonyD2Wild Tiger”. The shoe came out looking pretty good considering what he had to work with, you can get a pair for around $150, if you can find them. He also made a rap diss video that currently has 851,000 views, and actually doesn’t sound that bad.

                         Saucony Grid SD Originatoers TonyD2Wild Tiger

            Seth Fowler

 Seth is a Sneaker reviewer and vlogger who currently has 494,000 subscribers to is channel. He also worked as an industrial designer for Bark & Co. and  hosted a podcast called Sneakers Through Your Speakers. Seth did an interview in a segment called “I Did It My Way” where he talked about how he got started.

Fowler said in 2005 he was just messing around making funny videos with his friend. Until 2007 when he did a review on a XBox 360 and got 310,000 views. That success drove him to keep doing videos like that and the rest is history.

      Mr.Foamer Simpson

Mr. Foamer Simpson and his brother Young Buckets have been creating content on sneaker, lifestyle, and vlog space for some time now.During a interview with AminoSimpson had this to say about how he got started.

” I had knee surgery back in 2012 and had a lot of down time during the rehab process. My brother also had a knee surgery during that same period. Long story short, we both had free time on our hands and decided to start a YouTube channel. Initially, we were just planning on doing it temporarily while we rehabbed, but we really found a passion for creating content – especially through video”.(See Full Interview At Aminoapps.com )Simpson’s Youtube channel currently has 450,00 subscribers and more coming everyday.

While he is an authority on sneakers Foamer is also in the Men’s grooming business, or beard grooming business. An all natural product called Grizzly Beard Conditioner came out in 2015.

                                                                     Pic From KicksOnFire


Bull1TRC created his YouTube channel on March 20, 2011 and since then his channel has built up 776,000 subscribers. He is a co-owner with TonyD2Wild of sample industries underground clothing line. Like TonyD2Wild he also did a shoe collab with saucony the “Grid SD Orinators Bull1TRC Big Trouble In Little China”, I liked Tony’s better.

One of my favorite skits that he does involves a gallon of Bacardi Rum. For examole he will do a video on the 15 worst sneakers and he will take a swig after introducing each one, you can see the buzz catching upwith him as he goes.

                   Saucony Grid SD Originators Bull1trc Big Trouble In Little China