if you like newports than you might like these

 Alife has Paying homage to its New York City home, streetwear brand Alife has returned with a new sneaker that takes inspiration from NYC’s popular menthol cigarette.

Dubbed “NY,” this sneakers design takes notes from Newports’ iconic packaging. The white leather upper gets forest green suede panels on the toe and tumbled leather ankle flaps. And the main attraction can be seen on the outer panel, which is a synthetic “New York!” logo that pops out at you,

“Growing up in New York, there were numerous cultural icons that resonate within the youth community, one of these would be Newport cigarettes. Not sure if it was the colors of the branding, the menthol taste of the cigarettes or the outlandish advertising that used to bless the pages of numerous magazines, but Newports are ingrained in NY culture,” says Alife’s Rob Cristofaro. “This being said, the font used throughout the history of Newport is Cooper Black, a strong, classic font. We have touched upon this reference numerous times in the past and decided that in an underground way, this represents NYC to the fullest.”

The Alife Everybody Hi “NY!” is available now over at and for $120 USD.