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Move like a humble stag beetle

In Japan, the expression Onko-chishin means “respect the past; create the new.” Keeping this in mind, while creating the new GEL-KAYANO™ 26 shoe, Asics wanted to take lessons learned from the past, and use that as inspiration for future designs.


In 1993, shoe designer Toshikazu Kayano wanted to create a new type of running shoe. H’s goal was a supportive and structured shoe, but still allow swift movement. ASICS’s founder Kihachiro Onitsukaused nature as a muse, Kayano-san would do the same.

This is where the humble stag beetle comes into play. He obsrved how the hard exoskeleton  protected the beetle, yet allowing it to be light and quick. Kayano took his findings and used it for he’s new shoe design.


Kayano-san’s vision has grown leaps and bounds since 93, together with new technology, Asics has created one of the best running shoes on earth. The Gel Kayana 26 is quickly becoming the go to shoe for alot of running enthusiast. 

The Platinum 26’s just dropped last week and are available at for $170.