BAIT & Nike Sportswear's "Hidden Message" Pack

As a nod to the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games Nike has a new Japanese collectiom dubbed the “Hidden Message” pack. Set to release at BAIT‘s Japan retailers, the “Hidden Message” pack includes Air Max 95s, Air Force 1s and Air Max 2090s with cut-away uppers that hide metallic undertones.

All three models get a yellow, red, black, green and blue color scheme, which come from the Olympic Rings logo. The Air Max 95 and Air Force 1 both take notes from the NSW styles of 2004, with the Air Max 95 hiding gold, silver and bronze accents under the tear away layers.

The Air Force 1 gets a metal-tinted base with the same hidden colrs of the 95. The Air Max 2090 consists of a semi-translucent TPE build with Olympic and metallic colors, but with no tear away layers.

BAIT will release the “Hidden Message” pack on its Japanese webstore and Shibuya and Parco on August 29, followed by a bigger release.