When and Why Should You Buy Water Shoes

Great Recommendations For Water Shoes From Nike, Adidas, And Speedo

If you thought water shoes were just for little kids at the beach, think again. The hottest footwear brands offer stylish and sturdy options, including Adidas water shoes and Nike water shoes.

Both men and women can protect their feet during water sports and still look good doing it. Here’s the low down on when to choose water shoes, why they’re so great, and some top brands to be on the lookout for.

Safety Is Key

There’s a reason that water shoes exist—they provide the safety and traction that you need when you’re enjoying outdoor water activities. If you’ve ever tried wearing flip flops on a slick surface, then you can understand why water shoes matter.

Unlike flimsy, thin flip flops, quality water shoes have thick rubberized soles that keep you safe and secure on the surface you’re standing on.

Having proper traction ensures that you aren’t slipping and sliding while boating, walking on a wet dock, or participating in other water-based hobbies.

Besides the traction support, water shoes keep your feet protected from the elements and any sharp objects, such as rocks and glass. Most of us have experienced stepping on a sharp pebble or piece of debris while wading in a lake or the ocean. Water shoes make it so that you aren’t stepping on any uncomfortable surfaces or getting a surprise pinch from a sea critter. Water shoes can also keep your feet protected from splinters from wooden docks and rough surfaces on boats or canoes.

From a practical standpoint, water shoes provide awesome protection from sun exposure, plus they keep your feet from getting all sandy when you transition from the ocean to the sand, or from a lake to the dry land.

Top Features of Water Shoes

Besides their safety and protection, water shoes are incredibly useful. They’re lightweight and won’t interfere with your swimming, boating, or other aquatic activities. Whether you’re gliding through the water or enjoying an exhilarating boat ride, water shoes don’t get weighed down and waterlogged such as typical sneakers or shoes do. Flip flops can get damaged and torn up when constantly exposed to the waves, but not water shoes!

They’re also quick to dry, making them one of the most convenient accessories to pack. In fact, many styles can simply roll up into a ball so they take up minimal space in a beach bag or suitcase. When the water shoes are wet, they won’t become a breeding ground for mold, blisters, and bad foot odors. Their breathable fabric with perforations and drainage points means that your feet stay in tip-top shape without getting cold, scratched up, or crushed.

Choosing a Water Shoe

If you’re convinced that a pair of water shoes will enhance your summer time activities (hint: they will), then it’s time to decide which style best suits you. Yes, there are different water shoes for certain activity levels and environments, so you shouldn’t just choose a pair at random. Some water shoes offer more flexibility, while others have a thick sole. Then, there’s the whole slip-on versus lace-up thing: which one to choose? Don’t worry, we’ll help!

First, think about the activities that these water shoes are going to go through. Something such as boating or kayaking will require ample traction and stability, while hiking along river beds and waterfalls will need a more substantial sole, as well as toe and heel protection. The question of slip-ons and lace-ups is a matter of support. A lace-up option will typically provide more stability around the entire foot and ankle, while a slip-on water shoe feels more like a sock or second skin.

Great Picks for Water Shoes

The range of Adidas water shoes for men, women, and kids is phenomenal. These Adidas Terrex Summer.Rdy Jawpaw II water shoes are sleek slip-ons that are perfect for outdoor activities. Even though they’re lightweight, they have a sturdy rubber sole that will provide traction and support on all kinds of surfaces.

Likewise, these Adidas Outdoor boating and water shoes for women are super cute and give off that preppy sailing vibe. Don’t let the look fool you though, these shoes are durable and have a grippy outsole and perforated heel for added stability and balance. These foot-hugging shoes are comfy and still provide ample protection for fishing, boating, or just walking around the beach or boardwalk.

adidas outdoor Women's Terrex CC Boat Sleek Parley

adidas outdoor Terrex CC Boat Sleek Parley Women's Water Shoe

For the kids, Adidas offers these Captain Toey water sandals, which keep feet cool and protected from the elements. Breathable mesh and a Velcro closure are convenient, which the rubber sole and toe cap provide added safety and reliability.

adidas outdoor Kids' Captain Toey Water Shoe,

adidas outdoor Kids' Captain Toey K

Nike water shoes are a top pick for kids, who are bound to be engaging in all kinds of aquatic activities this summer. The Nike Kids Aqua Sock 360 water shoe is sleek, but still carries the sleek and athletic look of traditional Nikes. Available in black, blue, or pink, these water shoes easily slip on and stay snug, thanks to breathable mesh fabric and plush foam insoles. The shoes dry quickly and weigh just four ounces each. In addition, a rubberized toe and reinforced heel provide that extra protection that will keep parents happy.

Nike Kids Boy's Aqua Sock 360 (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Nike Kids Baby Boy's Aqua Sock 360 (Infant/Toddler)

A Speedo water shoe might not be on your radar, but the brand doesn’t only do bathing suits. For example, the Speedo Surfwalker 3.0 water shoe is a hit, thanks to its quality materials and streamlined design. The outsole features S-trac grips while the four-way stretch uppers allow for a snug fit. This shoe is highly supportive, maintaining a center of balance and evenly distributing your weight. The Air Mesh insert panel is quick drying and adds some extra plushiness.

The Surfwalker 3.0 is a popular Speedo water shoe for women, too. This shoe regularly outperforms competitors in terms of maximum breathability and stability. The insert panel is particularly great, as it helps with shock absorption and comfort, reducing the impact of stepping on all kinds of outdoor surfaces.

Not that you’ve got some additional information, you’re all set to choose your ideal water shoe.

Speedo Men's Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

Speedo Women's Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe