new nike air force 1 designs for fall

Nike‘s iconic Air Force 1 has just received three new fall designs, each pair inspired from a females perspective.  Senior Creative Director of Nike Women’s Footwear Georgina James had this to say about the new designs.

“We know women are infinitely diverse. They want something unique, and they want to use sneakers as an expression of themselves and their wardrobes. They also have deep respect and love for the icon. Air Force 1 Shadow is a great example of how we channel desire and create new expressions through silhouette, shape and details, something unique but still familiar each season.”

The Shadow was inspired by women who lead by example and are a “force of change” in their local communities, it’s fearless colorway represents daring women who continuously strive for excellence.

The Air Force 1 Shell’s design mimics a water-resistant hooded jacket and has been built with features that allow you to adjust its fit to your liking. And #3 The Air Force 1 Reflective has bumpy leather with 3M material to enhance vision in the winters dim light.

Nike’s AF1 Shadow is set to drop on October 3rd,  the Shell drops on November 1, and the Reflective releases  on December 1st. In the meantime, check out more Nike Air Force 1’s here.