"Kurt Was Here" Clothing Line

Kurt Cobain’s estate has launched a “Kurt Was Here,”  clothing line to celebrate his life.  Daughter Frances Bean Cobain, The apparel collection includes over 50 unisex garments that highlight the legendary musician’s  artwork and personal journal entries.

All the sketches, paintings and hand-written designs are taken directly from Cobain, All of Cobain’s designs, sketches, and paintings depicted have not been edited or resized.

“We believe that the importance of art is exceedingly potent in today’s social and political climate,” said a source from Rolling Stone, “and that it is the right time to share this collection of Kurt’s work with artists, collectors and fans, allowing them to experience Kurt’s legacy in a new way, and collectively celebrate his lasting impact on the world.”

 Forever 21 and Vetements have put put Kurt Cobain apparel, but nothing like this. This collection was put together by The End of Music, LLC and Live Nation Merchandise, and can be found at BarneysSelfridges and on KurtCobainShop.com.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization for suicide prevention among teens and young adults.