Antonio Brown Farts on A docter

 Antonio Brown has been going through all kinds of hell, from dealing with the Patriots, to getting hit with sexual assault charges.  And now Brown has to answer for passing gas in a doctor’s office!

Dr. Victor Prisk  runs the Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness (POW) in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  Sports Illustrated reported that Brown became Prisk’s client in Aug. of 2018 despite his bad  reputation for being a “flighty” patient in the athletic community.

After being three hours late to he’s first appointment, Brown also reportedly farted several times in the doctor’s personal space. One of Brown’s associates was videotaping the incident, he can be seen passing gas several times as Prisk tried to conduct a body fat test. 

“It seemed just childish to me,”  “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”Prisk told Sports Illustrated. 

You can hear Brown in the video saying “my bad” in the video, it was a little weird to watch, but funny.  According to Prisk, the real problemwasn’t Brown’s farts, but the fact that he didn’t pay his bill. Prisk is now suing Antonio Brown for $11,500 in damages.