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Drake will fly a Superfan to One of His Shows

Drake is giving back  to one of his biggest fans by flying them out to one of his shows.

David Jagun, from Lagos State, Nigeria, caught Drizzy’s attention with a large amount of  Instagram posts about him, consisting of photos of Drake, news,  and his jet to song covers.

“Nah @davidjagun I am flying you to a show ASAP you going 2 hard,” Drake wrote, while uploading three video covers from Jagun’s song covers.

  Jagun then responded with a red carpet image of Drake and a caption that read, “GOD — USE DRAKE TO BLESS ME, AND AM SO HAPPY…GOD BLESS OVO SOUND RADIO (6 GOD).”

Drake is not on tour at the moment, he’s been busy working  as a producer on the crime drama Top Boy and as executive producer on HBO’s Euphoria. But this couold mean a tour is in the works, or at least an upcoming concert.