Clarks Originals and carhart wip doing a collab

Clarks who are known for your dad’s dress clothes and Carhartt WIP have teamed up to create Wallabee’s that are inspired by the Europeon 90’s skate scene.  They are bringing two colorways, light brown and olive.

Both are costructed of premium suede, crepe soles, and logos on the lace fobs from both brands. The olive design has a camo print around the collar, while the other matches the tan upper. Get a closer look below, they drop on September 5th, starting at $160 at the retailers below.


Where to Buy 

  • BSTN12am CET/6pm ET(9/4)
  • Afew12am CET/6pm ET(9/4)
  • Allike12am CET/6pm ET(9/4)
  • 43einhalb12am CET/6pm ET(9/4)
  • SNS12am CET/6pm ET(9/4)(Does Not Have Olive)