Everlane TREADS


If your tired of the same old brands and want to try something new, then the Everlane Treads could be the shoe for you.

Designed for every day use, these are built to last. The Tread is a leather trainer that is made with 54% less virgin plastic. You might be thinking the same thing I was, which is what does that mean? Well that means the insoles & laces are made from recycled plastic.

They take it a step further by using recycled rubber to make the sneaker’s sole. Everlane also tracks the Tread’s carbon footprint, begenning with the cattle farms, where they get the leather that’s used on the upper. 

More details

  • Full-grain leather from Saigon TanTec, a Gold-Certified tannery.

  • 100% offset in partnership with NativeEnergy.
  • Women half sizes, size up
     Size 5 and 6, size up a whole size. Fit will loosen with wear
  • A blend of natural and recycled rubber that’s 94.2% free of virgin plastic.
  • For Men the fit is true to size for whole sizes for half sizes, size up

Buy Them At everlane.com