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                  Joe FreshGoods

Designer Joe FreshGoods has taken the fashion world by storm with his unique street style and never forgetting where he comes from. 

  It all started during FreshGoods sophomore year in highschool. Teaming up with best friend Terrell Jones, they would buy t-shirts and images from Officemax,  iron the images onto the shirts, and sell them.

This was around 2003 when Kobe Bryant caught he’s case and a lot of other athletes were getting arrested. So he decided to make an iron-on t-shirt that read “I Love This Game” with mugshots of the players. “I sold those shirts for $20 in school and the kids loved it” FreshGoods told Jensis Magazine. Terrell and FreshGoods also created Vita Morte clothing line during highschool.


                                                                      Hoodies From Vita Morte

In 2005 after graduating Highschool Freshgoods went to work for Fashion Geek as a sales associate, one of first and hottest streetwear brands at the time. Then in 2006, he began interning at Leaders, another pioneer of streetwear, which was known for being a cultural hub for local hip-hop with in-store performances. “The Leaders era birthed everything,” Freshgoods tells fader.com

While working at Leaders he built friendships with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Rockie and the whole SaveMoney crew, they all came up together.

Freshgoods helped Rockie with his first show in 2011, and continues to work with local rappers, like Mick Jenkins. While working at Leaders, FreshGood also worked at a print shop, where he would  print all of he’s tees.

“I used to package it up like dope, or cocaine or whatever, and it just sold. There was a point where I was selling a lot of my own clothes under the table at Leaders. I was like, “Hey, I work at Leaders, but you want a shirt?” I’d pull it out of my bookbag. I was doing that, [and it] kept getting bigger and bigger. FreshGood said to thefader.com

He eventually got fired for spending to much time on his brand and not enough on the leader’s brand.

In 2012, FreshGood and Chicago photographer trashhand opened his “first fake storefront” in their garage. With help from a local manufacture Freshgoods sold clothes he designed,  like the “Dope Boy Magic” tie dye hoodie. With rappers like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa being seen wearing Dope Boy Magic, this is when FreshGoods brand started to take off.

                                                Vic Mensa With The Dope Boy Magic Hoodie(Pic From swagerareus.com)

 Freshgoods also met designers Jones, Owusu, and Vic Lloyd at Leaders, these four came together and created Fat Tiger.  Each designer runs their own brands out of the shop, starting with Freshgoods’s Don’t Be Mad (DBM) line.

                          Lloyd’s  East Asian-inspired streetwear called Sensei

                            Jones’s Vita label

                              Owusu’s line called Squad

Shaking Things Up

FreshGoods is known for making waves as a designer, so much so that he has recieved numerous cease and disist letters, here are a few examples. He made a beanie in 2012 with “I Want To Fuck Rihanna” stiched on it, which lead to Rihanna sending a cease and disist.

Kanye West sent a letter after producing “Ye 2020” T-shirts right after West announced he would run for president, and Champion clothing line sent one as well. But one cease and disist letter helped create one of FreshGoods brands.

He had a brand called Dope Boy Magic, the brand Dope Couture didn’t like the fact that they both had Dope in their names, and Joe was on the come up. So the letters started coming, FreshGood tried to ignore the letters, but the letters were getting more serious as time went on. 

So as a diss, FreshGoods changed the name to “Don’t Be Mad”, which blew up and became what it is today. Ha Ha Dope Couture!