Lugz PUTS OUT an Adventures vibe With FW19 Boot Collection

For its latest collection, Footwear brand Lugz has put together a utility based lifestyle collection designed to give the wearer an adventures vibe.

Lugz has been part of urban streatwear trends dating back to 93, when hiphop stars such as Pac, Big, and Nas could be seen wearing a pair. And now they have three new styles dubbed Colorado, Joel and Adirondack, inspired by exploration and the outdoors.

The Colorado boot,  arrives in a nature-inspired black colorway, with a hiking trail style upper and a rugged outsole to provide premium traction. Intended for urban explorers, The Joel features a dark maroon water resistant upper, sitting on a anti-fatigue midsole, a tri-wedge outsole, and memory foam for comfort. The Adirondack has a sneaker boot design with a blue and grey upper, on a light colored midsole, that’s ready for the streets or the trail.

Head over to Lugz website to grab a pair, the Colorado and Adirondack go for$79.99, and the Joel is $99.99