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Drops 2nd Clyde Court Colorway

Puma Clyde Court Reform Sneaker Collection

Story Behind The Shoes

Meek was first arrested in 2007

19 years old and still known as Robert Williams, Meek caught  seven charges relating to guns and drugs. He was sentenced  to 11-and-a-half to 23 months in county prison, plus seven years of probation.

Meek was out of county jail in less than six months, then paroled to house arrest. He was also ordered to earn his GED and undergo a drug treatment program.

In December 2009, Meek finished house arrest but was kept on probation. Within the next two years he would fail 2 drug screens for weed and opiates.


Meek got his first probation violation for testing positive again for opiate use., on November 2, 2012, the judge ordered Meek to take a drug test within three days, he never showed. When Meek returned to court two weeks after that, Judge Brinkley denied permission to travel outside of Philadelphia County for nearly 6 months.

Two months in, Meek got violated for leaving the county again. Judge Brinkley requests that the rapper take etiquette courses after references to his probation officer on social media provoked fans to send the officer death threats.

Multiple Philadelphia lawyers told reporters they had never heard of a judge ordering a defendant to take etiquette classes. Meek attended court hearings every three months for the next year.

The courses were intended to teach Meek how to conduct himself online.  Brinkley said they were “more important than any concerts he might have”.

                           Judge Tanya Brinkley

meek gets 3-6 months

In July 2014, Brinkley sent Meek to jail after he failed to get the judge’s permission to travel for concerts. He served almost five months in Hoffman Hall prison. As part of the sentence Meek had to  attend anger management and parenting classes, as well as undergo drug and alcohol counseling.

June 29th, 2015 Meek releases Dreams Worth More Than Money. The album hit Number One on the Billboard 200 and went platinum.

Despite his musical success, his troubles continue. On December 10, 2015, Meek received his fourth violation for not reporting to his probation officer, traveling outside of Philly without permission, and submitting a sample of water instead of urine for a drug test.

After a four-and-a-half–hour hearing that included several passionate testimonials in Meek’s favor, Brinkley sentenced Meek to wear an ankle bracelet for 6-12 months and six more years of probation. Meek was not allowed to perform while on house arrest and had to complete 90 days of community service.

meek arrested for popping a wheelie on instagram

                            Picture from Vlad T.V Instagram
On August 27, 2017, (according to Rolling Stone)while in New York for an appearance on The Tonight Show, Meek saw some kids riding dirt bikes and asked if he could ride one. His cameraman captured him popping wheelies (without wearing a helmet) on Instagram Live and the next day NYPD stopped him, arresting him for a felony count of reckless endangerment. The charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor and later dismissed. Brinkley later charged him with breaking probation and kept him from traveling.

Not even a month later Brinkley violated Meek for a fifth time for a failed drug test, violating court-ordered travel restrictions, and two misdemeanor arrests: for reckless driving, (for the wheelie on instagram) and for an alleged altercation at the St. Louis airport.

Charges in the New York case are set to be dropped from Meek’s record in April if he avoids anymore violations, the St. Louis charge was dropped. Recommendations from both the prosecutor and the probation officer for sentencing were ignored,  Brinkley gave him a two- to four-year sentence. 


FBI investigates Brinkley

According to reports from the New York Post page 6  the FBI has had undercover agents in the courtroom monitoring Brinkley’s handling of the case since April 2016. This followed claims from Meek’s attorney that Brinkley had shown bias by asking the rapper to leave Roc Nation and go back to work with Charlie Mack. Mack denied being involved in any conspiracy.

This was just one of  several allegations made against Brinkley including(according to inviting Meek and Niki Manaj for a conversation without lawyers that was “entirely off-the-record.” Brinkley then allegedly asked Meek to record a cover of fellow Philly act Boyz II Men’s ballad “On Bended Knee” and include a shout-out to her in it.

Also the Philadelphia district attorney’s office named Reginald Graham, who arrested Meek Mill in 2007, as one of the 29 former police officers that should not be summoned for testimony as witnesses. TMZ reported that the officer was “investigated by federal authorities for several alleged acts of corruption.

bail granted

After being incarcerated for five months, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted Robert Rihmeek Williams  bail. Meek’s prison sentence sparked an important conversation about race and sentencing, wrongful convictions, police misconduct and other ethical issues within the judiciary system.


A symbolic shoe

The Puma Clyde Court Sneaker collection drops on Aug.9th along with the documentary Free Meek. All proceeds from this special sneaker will benefit Meek and Jay Z’s Reform Alliance Foundation which aims to aid people who are treated inequitably by America’s criminal justice system.