Image Via Pirelli

Nike And pirelli apparel collaberation

Nike is doing a collaberation with Pirelli for a apparel collection. Pirelli is in the automotive industry and are mostly known for making high quality tires.

So far only four peices have been revealed, two shirts, a pair of shorts, and socks. The socks are almost like stockings, black with Nike branding halfway up, with a tread design on the bottom of the foot to mimic tires.

The shorts are black as well, with Pirelli branded patch on the right thigh area, and a Nike logo stiched on the left. One of the shirt’s have that racing vibe with Pirelli stamped on front, right above that is branding from both parties, also all black with yellow lining around the collar and sleeves. And the other shirt is the same minus the big yellow Pirelli logo.

It’s available right now only at INTER