Capcom's 'Mega Man' Inspires Pixelated ASICS Gel-BND

ASICS and Capcom have created a special sneaker and apparel inspired by the legendary Mega Man, or Rock Man, as they call him in Japan. The new Gel-BND was inspired by the hero’s robotic body and is a nod to that era in gaming.

The upper gets a two-tone patent blue leather that mimics Mega Man’s signature look, with the Asics design on the side panel in yellow pixel. The tongue gets normal branding on the right shoe, while Japanese Katakana spelling out “ASICS” hits the left.

Each heel has the word “GEL” in classic 8-bit style print. Other detailos include a thick blue midsole that takes notes from Mega Man’s bulky metal feet, and each pair come with a shoebox that contains artwork from the game’s original packaging.

Capcom’s Mega Man collection will release on November 1 at Japanese retailers like BILLY’s Tokyo, the Mega Men Asics will cost $110 USD, and don’t forget to scroll through the photo gallery above.