R Kelly Moved To General Population

Kelly was reportedly moved into general prison population on Tuesday (September 3). The R&B singer had previously been in solitary confinement.

TMZ reported that Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg said the singer was in solitary as a form of punishment because his celebrity and the “prurient nature” of his alleged crimes.

Greenberg also said that extra security measures will be put into place to keep Kelly safe due to the more dangerous nature of general population.

“If I go to population … I’m just up on everybody and everybody’s up on me, and I’m trying to figure out how to trust that or whatever,” Kelly is quoted as saying in a phone call recorded eight days after his arrest, reported by the Chicago Tribune. “You know, and that’s why, I was like, hmmm, too many people up on you and I done seen too many movies, you know, and it’s just, and then I’m so popular here, it’s like yeah man,” he allegedly added.

Kelly will now be allowed 10 non-attorney visit instead of just one. He will also get more recreation time,phone time, and emails.