Danoial johnston passes away

The singer, songwriter and visual artist Daniel Johnston has died at the age of 58. Johnston was released on Tuesday from a hospital, where he had been treated for kidney issues. According to reports he seemed fine on Tuesday night, but he was found dead at his home in Waller, Texas, on Wednesday morning. 

The New York Times reported that he was struggling with diabetes, a kidney infection and hydrocephalus. He also was dealing with manic depression and schizophrenia, that he dealt with for most of his adult life.

Johnston was born January. 22, 1961, in Sacramento, California, Johnston was a true musician, who was loved by his fans.

He got his start in Austin, Texas in the mid-eighties, with his homemade cassette tapes about love and isolation , he began to build his fan base.
As time went on Johnston attracted a cult following that included iconic musician’s, like Kurt Cobain, Tom Waits, and Beck.

Many artists have covered his music including Yo La Tengo, Bright Eyes and Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. Cobain wore a T-shirt featuring  art from Johnston’s 1983 cassette Hi, How Are You.

The 2005 documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” brought the artist’s work to a larger audience while also shedding light on his bipolar disorder and its manifestation through demonic self-obsession. Directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, it won the award for documentary directing at that year’s Sundance Film Festival.
“His battles with mental health are well documented but what stands out to me are his triumphs,” Manager Tom Gimbel said.
In 2018, the city of Austin declared January 22 to be Johnston’s birthday, “Hi, How Are You?” Day. Named after Johnston’s 1983 album and famous frog mural, a event is also held on that day to encourage mental health support.

Performers for the 2019 show included the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, the Moth & the Flame.

    “There were very few dangerous rock and roll shows left in the world where you really don’t know what to expect,” Gimbel said. 
    “At different points of the same show, there would be heart rendering beauty — these incredible lyrics that would move people to tears — and then there could be comical moments and then something could happen and it would just be a disaster, but I think that’s what drew people to him.”
    “You never knew what was going to happen at one of Daniel’s shows, but it was always incredibly honest and genuine.”