Seiko 15th Anniversary "Monster Hunter" Watch Collection

In celebration of Seiko’s 15th anniversary, they are teaming up with the  Monster Hunter gaming franchise to create a collection of watches that will mimic various creatures from the game. The monsters being depicted on the time pieces are Rathalos, Zinogre and Nergigante.

Rathalos is The red colored time peice  hints to the blaze of the fire dragon Rathalos, and the Zinogre watch is designed with shades of aqua that are inspired from the character’s blue glow. And last is the Nergigante adaptation, which features a two-color model that is meant to imitate the monster’s ability to change the look of its thorns. All three watches have a premium leather strap, and right above the 6 o’clock mark is a 50-minute time limit peice, which is the time limit to each level on the game.

You can grab one up for  ¥15,000 JPY or $140 USD, and are set to release on October 25 at Seiko’s webstore.

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