another person dies from vaping-related illness

The first official death related to lung disease related to vaping  was confirmed by the state of Kansas on Tuesday. This is at least the sixth death that we know of reported in the U.S. The 50 year old Kansas resident  had a history of health issues, state health officials said in a news release.

He was hospitalized “with symptoms that progressed rapidly,” no detailed information on what types of products were used by the patient have been released yet. 

The first death  linked to vaping in the United States was reported in Illinois in August, then in Oregon. But when the 3rd and 4th happen in  Minnesota and Indiana it really started to resonate with the public.  The fifth death,  was reported last Friday in California, and now Kansas.

Minnesota and Los Angeles county officials also reported deathslast week. The Minnesota patient was over 65  and past away in August after a long hospitalization. One thing keeps popping up in these cases, and that is vaping illicit THC products.

New York health officials reported that extremely high levels of the chemical vitamin E acetate were found in almost all cannabis- vaping products that were analyzed as part of an investigation.

At least one vape product containing the chemical has been linked to all of the deaths.  Products that have been found to contain vitamin E acetate are candy-flavored vapes.

On Monday, New York  officials reported they are issuing subpoenas to three companies that are selling “thickening agents” containing high levels of vitamin E that could be used in black market vaping products that contain THC. Dealers use the thickening agents to dilute THC oil in street and illicit products.

Stay tuned for more updates.