Ten Basketball Shoes That Every Baller Needs

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Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX

The first thing you might notice about the Men’s Lebron Soldier IX is the strap system that stretches from one side of the foot to the other. This innovative touch is meant to provide 360-degree support so that you can power through your game with no worries. Front-to-back and side-to-side protection ensures that the shoes stay firmly in place on your feet while you run, pivot, and jump to success.


The rubber pods on the outsole add to the lifting power of these shoes, allowing you to jump higher than ever before. The traction on these shoes is superb, featuring a hexagonal groove pattern that makes it a cinch to pivot, turn, and take on multidirectional motion. There’s no way that the Lebron Soldier IX basketball shoes are going to slow you down and they’re one of the best choices in this collection.


The textile uppers are durable and sturdy yet lightweight so they won’t encumber your activity. Along with the flywire cables, you’ve got lateral support and responsive cushioning.


The Men’s Lebron Soldier IX shoe has a sleek silhouette and features Nike’s Flyease technology. For those who don’t know, Flyease is designed for athletes in all kinds of sports settings. The design allows for quick and easy on and off, thanks to a rear zipper enclosure. This revolutionary idea has transformed the way that athletes transition from leisure to play and we’re sure to see more of the Flyease system in future models.


Overall, the Lebron IXs with Flyease technology have been a hit with players who are tired of the hassle of lacing up. The four-strap system is quick and convenient and doesn’t distract from the game. Just pop your foot in, zip up the shoe, and adjust the straps for a perfect fit every time. These are a must-have!





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Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX Team Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX PRM, Cargo Khaki/Black-Sequoia

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Adidas Men's Performance Crazy Explosive

For a basketball shoe with optimal performance, look no further than the Adidas Men’sCrazy Explosive. All of the components you need for a great basketball shoe are here: fit,traction, cushioning, support, and top-quality materials.


Let’s start with how this shoe feels. The Adidas Crazy Explosive basketball shoe fits true to size and has the ideal ratio of cushioning and support. Xeno uppers and a soft, rubberized TPU wrap over the midsole create just the right amount of comfort that your foot needs while keeping everything in the right place. The cushioning is also super responsive so the more you play in them, the more you’ll get out em.


The rubber role helps you maintain your balance and the traction on these soles is amazing. The curlicue traction design might look nice but don’t let it fool you, these shoes can take a beating on the court. That being said, they won’t lose their sleek look after a few games of one-on-one. The materials in the Crazy Explosives are made to last and your best bet is to focus on the Primeknit version, which allows for a bit of stretch without straining it. In addition, these a prime lacing system to reduce breakage and pressure on your instep. They rise to mid-ankle to provide extra support so you can play the game with added peace of mind.


Often compared to the Hyperdunk or even a prime pair of Jordans, the Crazy Explosive can outperform them and any top-ranking basketball shoes out there. What’s great is that they’re made for players large and small, quick and powerful. These shoes are consistent on and off the court and where they really shine is in providing extra lift to your jump shot. It’s definitely a sneaker that you need to see (and wear) to believe.



adidas Men's Crazy Explosive Primeknit Basketball Shoe

adidas Crazy Explosive

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Adidas Harden Vol 3

Basketball all-star James Harden is the inspiration behind these Adidas Harden Vol 3 shoes so you know that they won’t disappoint. Just as Harden is quick and fluid on the court, these basketball shoes help you do just that in your own game. Whether you need to pivot or stop on a dime, the Harden Vol 3s are there to support you. Featuring stable leather uppers, it’s easier than ever before to switch directions and experience free-form movement on the court. While allowing for quick changes in direction and movement, the sneakers also provide support and stability to ward off injuries.


The midsole is super responsive while providing ample cushioning and shock absorption. Its Responsive Boost technology means that you can start or stop immediately with the support and balance of these kicks. The sneakers are engineered to help you “slow down fast” so you can mimic the unpredictability of James Harden’s game.


Much the same as his basketball skills, the style of these sneakers is out of this world and leaves inhibitions at the door. Woven tech mesh uppers, a low-cut silhouette, and a midfoot elastic strap wrap come together to create a bold look that you will want to flaunt on the basketball court and during your downtime. Internal lace eyelets add extra breathability while a toe overlay amps up the protection against stubbed or crushed toes.



The outsoles have a unique herringbone traction pattern, adding to the innovation of this shoe design. While providing killer traction, they also help with stability and mobility and electrify your movements during the game. As you wear these, you will notice that your foot can breathe even though it’s being protected and stabilized. It’s that kind of comfort that allows you to do your best and hold nothing back from your game.

adidas Men's Harden Vol. 3

adidas Men's Harden Vol. 3 Basketball Shoes

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Air Jordan XXXIII

Air Jordans will never be forgotten or go out of style. In fact, they just seem to get better with each new iteration. The Air Jordan XXXIII basketball shoe outdoes itself on all fronts: style, materials, technology, and performance. Featuring the FastFit system, all you have to do is pull the laces to lock down the fit and get on with your game. Inspired by the fast and fluid motions of the basketball greats, this new and innovative technology is making it easier for everyday hoopsters to lace up and get going.



Nike worked with designers and engineers to mimic the specifications needed for space launches and flights so you better believe that you’re getting a personalized fit and insane stability. The Air Jordan XXXIII introduces the “Flight Utility design ethos” of the brand, which is all about progressing the shoe and preparing it for the future of footwear and athletic performance. That signature Air technology is now compounded by the FlightSpeed and Fast Fit innovations so that you can strap in and start soaring.



The way it works is quite simple: slide into the shoe and pull up on the laces to activate the FastFit system. This creates a 360-degree lockdown so that the sneaker stays stable and in place while also allowing you to freely move about the court in your own way. Now you can combine the explosive lift you get from the Air technology with this one-pull individualized fit to maximize your performance.



The Air Jordan XXXIII basketball shoes also come with the FlightSpeed propulsion system, offering greater ease of speed and lift while providing plush comfort. You’ll be ready to play for hours with these kicks. On your downtime, simply pull on the eject tabs on the sides of the shoe to loosen the laces. Then pull on the lacing cables to suit up and get back in the game.

Jordan Nike Air XXXIII Men's Basketball Shoes


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Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

If you want to play as Steph Curry does, here’s your chance. The traction on these shoes is incredible on courts both clean and dusty. The shoes feature a herringbone traction pattern as is customary for the Curry models. These shoes stick to the floor like there’s no tomorrow so you can play with the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have any slippage. They’re perfect for players who zigzag and zip along the court as Curry does.



These basketball sneakers are made with great materials too. Threadborne on the uppers and anafoam on the insole mold to your feet the longer you wear them. Combined with the Fuse overlays in high-wear areas, this is one sneaker that keeps your feet stable and prevents them from rolling inward during lateral movement. They’ll hold up to the roughest and toughest games.

Meta-wing carbon fiber shanks provide insane support and stability. Add to this the Under Armour Charged cushioning and you’ve got a sneaker that can transition from the court to your daily life. The cushioned support is ideal for guard positions as it firms up as you’re taking charge of the offense but gets softer when you’re in a more idle stance. This also allows for super-responsive reaction time, perfect for scoring on the court.



The mid-top is designed for flexibility and ankle protection so the kicks feel awesome as soon as you slide them on. They’re breathable, lightweight, and great for daily wear. The solid mid-foot and asymmetrical lacing provide great lockdown and a cozier feel that envelops your foot and keeps it on the footbed. The tongue and heel have extra padding for a glove-like fit and these sneakers run true to size. There are silhouettes and colorways to suit any taste so if you’re looking for responsive and consistent support, look no further.

Under Armour UA Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

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Nike Men's Hyperdunk

The Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X basketball shoes stand out from the Hyperdunk collection for their bold look and trusted design. One glance at these sneakers and you’ll be ready to try them on for yourself. First of all, they feature an innovative style with a high- to mid-ankle fit for prime ankle support and protection. No matter if you’re working on your jump shot or dribbling across the court, these shoes will maintain their protection and security. The 3/4 bootie design also allows for quick and easy on and off, perfect for transition from the court to the street.



Moreover, the Nike Zoom Air units are a tried-and-true favorite, providing responsive cushioning in the heel and forefoot. Nike’s Zoom Air technology has changed the game by creating an explosive cushioning system made for basketball players and enthusiasts. Tightly stretched fibers hold pockets of highly pressurized air to help with shock absorption and impact while lessening the blow to ankles, feet, and knees. There will be no more sore muscles and cramping legs!



As for the traction, the shoe has a wavy groove pattern on the sole, allowing for killer traction and stability on courts of all kinds. The texture uppers are lightweight yet supportive so that your instep stays protected for hours of play. The midfoot TPU wing is another addition that helps out with support and balance while the oversized laces extend to the sides of the foot for more comfort and ease of use.



Overall, these basketball sneakers offer great ankle support and grip and have ample cushioning for extra lift as well as comfort. Not only that; they look good too. Pair them with some plush basketball socks and you’ve got the makings of a pro player. As the name suggests, these shoes will help you with your dunk but they’ll also be a great companion off the court if you so choose.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

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Nike PG 3

The Paul George-inspired PG 3 basketball shoes will take you for a ride and a comfortable one at that. While you work your tail off on the court, you will never need to worry about your feet aching or suffering the effects of harsh impacts on the hard floor or ground.

The comfort starts with a nod to the lunar landscape; the outsole traction mimics the craters of the moon while providing stellar grip and multidirectional support. Then you’ve got the signature Nike Air Zoom units, which are highly pressurized air pockets kept in place by tightly woven fibers. This gives you responsive cushioning that helps you explode off the ground and into the air. Upon landing, experience the plushness and impact protection. This is a softer cushion than the PG 3’s predecessors and backed by the expertise of Nike designer Tony Hardman.


In addition, a half-bootie design cradles your ankle to give you a snug and secure fit. It’s reinforced by a padded collar made of ripstop materials for extra durability and cushioning. You’ll love the feel of this shoe hugging your ankle, keeping you strapped in for a reinvigorating game of hoops. The black and white color scheme is classic and fits the lunar mood perfectly.


Hardman took a close look at Paul George’s game to get a better idea of how the PG 3 should look and feel. Given the pro baller’s fluid movement and ease of motion, it was important for the shoe to feel lightweight, which you can feel as soon as you slide it onto your foot.

Plus, the padded collar is breathable and gives you that aeronautical feeling. Just as Paul George can react on the defensive side of the court or dominate on the offense, it was crucial that this sneaker be able to support any kind of gameplay. Ample cushioning and 360-degree traction allow players to never slow down.



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Adidas Dame 3

Unique style and professional performance abound with the Adidas Dame 3 sneakers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, their traction and grip supports multiple directions and quick, lateral movements. The blade traction pattern is similar to herringbone so it has multi-directional lines that ensure safe, slip-free playing. The durable rubber outsole is light and responsive, making this an ideal choice for those who rely on explosive jumps during a game.



The BOUNCE foam cushion for the insole helps you explode off the floor while the Fused Mesh textile overlays provides stretch, support, and added reinforcements. Together, they boost the durability of the sneakers without weighing them down. It comes in a bootie style with construction that appeals to a better fit and a high tongue that keeps you secure and snug.



The ankle support is awesome too. A common praise for these shoes is the plush BOUNCE cushion that helps with shock absorption and impact protection. That being said, you can’t forget that the seamless mesh uppers also contribute to that easy-breezy feeling that you get when wearing these shoes.



The midfoot overlay keeps the laces in place and allows for a secure, snug fit. It also makes it easy for you to customize the lockdown to your foot shape, making the uppers some of the best on the market. And internal heel counter lends itself to balanced durability that supports your movements on the court.



These sneakers are super cozy and don’t have the hard, stiff feeling of plastic TPU. The midsole fits your foot to the T and ensures a stable platform where you get that broken-in feeling right away. The textile lining on the collar adds more plushness for your ankles, making these a low- to mid-cut basketball shoe that you will love wearing. Overall, this is a well-rounded shoe and can accommodate all players regardless of size or position.

adidas Men's Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Dame 3 Basketball Shoe

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Nike Kyrie 5

Step into the Nike Kyrie 5 basketball shoes and be transported to a whole new ball-playing experience. Just the same as Kyrie Irving’s jet-fueled motions on the court, these sneakers will propel your game to the next level. With the innovative Nike Air Zoom Turbo cushioning, you will feel supported and cushioned throughout your game while receiving the explosive response you need to jump higher and soar farther.


 The Air Zoom Turbo system offer wide forefoot cushioning and multidirectional cuts that allow you to rotate, pivot, and change directions in a split second.


The mesh uppers were engineered to be breathable and lightweight yet reliable. The overlay mimics a flytrap, meaning that it clamps down to secure your foot while providing flexible comfort for your midfoot and instep. Along the sides of the uppers, you will notice the outsole wrapping and curving itself upwards, extending the traction of the shoe to include multiple directions and exceptional grip no matter which way you’re going. The rounded traction outsole is a unique feature of the Kyrie 5 model, adding more innovation to an already bold shoe.


Cutting and sprinting is a piece of cake, thanks to Forefoot Zoom cushioning. The energy you give to this shoe will be doubled, making it one of the most competitive basketball sneakers on the market.


Now you can be unstoppable from all sides and angles as you use the rounded multi-directional traction technology and innovative upper overlays to support your gameplay and movements. One glance at these kicks shows you the Air Zoom promise and the well-rounded protection and support. The intriguing traction pattern mimics Kyrie’s tattoo design but also gives you that grip you need to take charge on the court. Moreover, a range of colorways are available so you can find just the style that suits you.



Nike Men's Kyrie 5 Nylon Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoes

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Nike Zoom KD12

Channel your inner basketball pro and strap into the Nike Zoom KD12s. Featuring Nike’s signature Air Zoom technology, these basketball sneakers are designed to help you jump higher and hoop longer without fatigue or aches.


 The Air Zoom design runs along the entire length of the shoe, allowing it to mold to your foot and provide a unique fit. It’s also stitched into the uppers for a more comfortable instep and to prevent pushing or pressure on the top of the foot. Flywire cables ensure a snug, secure, yet cozy fit.


These shoes are beyond responsive, making them one of the hottest basketball shoes on the market. The Air Zoom technology combined with high-quality mesh layers allows for a broken-in feel as soon as you put them on. You could literally buy these and wear them to a game the same day. Even with all of this support and stability, the shoes remain lightweight so they’re a must-have on the court.


As for the outsole, rubber traction means more grip on the floor and a cushioned landing in order to avoid shock and impact on your knees, ankles, and feet. The midsole is perforated and breathable for additional support and flexibility. These sneakers come up to mid-ankle and feature a comfortable collar that hugs the ankle without constraining it.


Enjoy this shoe in sleek black or a combination of white and blue or white and gray. These sneakers will make you feel as if you are a professional on the court as you channel your inner Kevin Durant and play your way to victory. Built for explosive jumps and powerful runs, these shoes will stand up to your aggressive playing style but can also transition smoothly to hot street wear. Overall, these basketball shoes are a top choice for both novices and pros and they’ll help you feel more confident and dominant during the game.

Nike Zoom Kd12

Nike Men's Zoom KD12 Synthetic Basketball Shoes