Nike Air Max 1s by Ryustyler is served with Traditional Japanese Sweets

 Traditional Japanese sweets “Wagashi” are usually served with tea, and is seen as an art form, similar to a tea ceremony.  Wagashi’s forms usually reference  nature and the beauty of the seasons. Master craftsmanship is used to create the sweets, made with glutinous rice flour and traditional Japanese ingredients.

Paying homage to this creative art form, Ryustyler and Shiel crafted the “Wagashi” Air Max 1s with this art form in mind. Each shoe has premium nubuck and pigskin sourced from Japan. The upper was made with boar leather, doused in five different pastel colors. The swoosh is covered with a flower print, Referencing the chrysanthemum shape seen in wagashi design, the swoosh gets covered in a flower print in similar fashion. leather insoles provide maximum comfort. Six  sets of custom-made translucent laces inspired by wagashi ingredients are included in a wooden gift box, same as traditional confectionary.  

Each pair comes in a shoebox packaged in handwoven Japanese fabric. The “Wagashi” Air Max 1s are set for a limited release on October 20th on Chase Shiel’s website.