Tom Sachs & Nike's Mars Yard Range has Kids Sizing on the way


Nike and Tom Sachs has announced that kids and toddler sizing will soon be available for the Mars Yard 2.0 and Mars Yard Overshoe, thanks tp the success from their adult footwear launch.

 Sachs found inspiration from his son for this release, he had this to say about it. “Bottom line, my son, Guy Louis Armstrong Sachs, is on the sculpture team now,” he says. “He’s an important part of the team and he’s got his French work smock, his 10 bullets onesie and, now, he has his Mars Yards.” 

The artist’s and designer’s specifically created these shoes for tiny feet, coming up with specidic features like flexible soles, and Velcro collars for easy on and off. “The shoe is very, very flexible and that’s what you ultimately want when developing a strong new member of the team — you don’t want a lot of structure,” Sach’s continues.