Lightest Running Shoe In The World

I know that’s a bold statement, but that’s a direct quote from the makers of this running shoe that are revolutionizing the industry. So let’s take a closer look and you can decide for yourself.

                  4 Different Types Of Soles To Choose From

Helion™ superfoam

The first of the 4 is Helion foam cushioning that “can do it all”.  It’s built with an Advanced manufacturing method that  fuses stiffer foam with softer sections for a  light & energy responsive ride.

It’s also unaffected by temperature changes for  high performance whether summer or winter. The Helion Foam is found on the Cloudswift model for $149.99


The mission Missiongrip is made to handle running on trail type terrain and provide the “sensation of running on clouds”. 

Traction patterns are designed to grip  rough and smooth ground and take impact from steep inclines, thanks to CloudTec. Missiongrip is built into the Cloudventure, you can get a pair for $149.99 

Zero-Gravity Foam

Zero-Gravity is the lightest of all the sole designs, with advanced abrasion pads for dependable grip and  longevity. You can try the Zero-Gravity with the Cloud model for $129.99

Rebound Rubber

Rebound Rubber is the first Swiss-engineered sole built by On Cloud.  This model comes with low-abrasion durability so that you have a comfortable run from start to finish. You can try out the OG sole on the Cloudsurfer for $149.99

                     Picture From on-running.com

Working with Cloud Elements, they created a speedboard design that supports the natural rolling motion of your foot. Every speedboard is different in each model.

                            Core Beliefs

The On Cloud shoe company work with 4 core beliefs in mind. First, focus on cushoning not correction, using CloudTec® cushoning to take the impact, so you can have a natural range of movement.

2nd, Freedom for your feet, the cloud elements cushioning system  adapts to your foot strike, allowing each person to run how they were meant to run.

3rd, Harness Balance and Momentum, flexibility from cloud elements, together with the CloudTec® speedboard, is meant to help the runner have good form.

And the 4th and final, Running Is A Sport Not An Illness, meaning flat feet and other foot defeciences can be improved through the correct training and footwear.


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